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Apple TV + launch on November 1 for 199 rubles. per month

Subscribe to frapple.top YouTube Channel Apple announced that its Apple TV + streaming service will be launched on November 1 at a price of 199 rubles. per month. The service will be available in more than 100 countries and regions. Launch displays include Morning Show, Dickinson, See, For All Humanity and the Elephant Queen. You can watch every show on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and many other devices. “With Apple TV +, we present completely original stories from the best, most vibrant and creative minds, Bache Bache UV extérieure de Prougeection Solaire de Parasol de Pluie de Prougeection, bache imperméable d'épaisseur Camping et randonnée (Couleur Orange bleu, Taille 2 2M)

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Apple Launches Apple Music Online

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Subscribe to frapple.top YouTube Channel Apple has launched the new Apple Music web interface, which is available to all users in beta. The Apple Music website is similar to the Apple Music app on the Mac, with dedicated sections for you, browse, and radio, along with playlists, recommendations, and more. Apple Music users can log in to Apple Music to access their customized content, and Apple offers free trials for those new to the service. You need to register with Apple Music through Android, iOS, or Mac, as Lire la suite

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IOS 13 code suggests Apple test the AR-headset with "StarBoard" mode, code-named "Garta"

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Subscribe to frapple.top YouTube Channel Porsche partnered with Apple to integrate Apple Music into its future version of the Taycan EV, a German car maker said Monday (via TechCrunch). The announcement means that owners of an all-electric sports car will be able to access Apple's music streaming service through the car’s infotainment display without having to connect a smartphone. For the first time, Apple Music will be available as a native application on any vehicle. Previously, the only way to access the service was to pair the phone Lire la suite

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Apple Spends $ 6 Billion on Original Content for Apple TV +

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Subscribe to frapple.top YouTube Channel Apple has spent more than $ 6 billion on original TV shows and movies for its new streaming service, Apple TV +, which is due to launch later this year. Initially, Apple set a budget of $ 1 billion for Apple TV +, as well as Jamie Erlicht and Zach Van Ambburg, who lead the project, but according to a source from The Financial Times, this budget has now grown to more than 6 billion dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent Lire la suite